December 17, 2007

TINSQUO's Fourth Anniversary

Tinsquo’s fourth year commenced with a commissioned Canyon Ascent by Burro Train for this "migratory painter". Toeing the rim of the Grand Canyon, experience reconfirmed that an active canvas affords a promontory view.

The eye’s journey across a canvas is a pilgrimage. There is a correspondence between moving down into the canyon and moving up the face of the canvas.

Though material, much of a painting’s compelling presence is derived from the abstract principles it triggers in the mind. In the canyon works these include the notions of geomimicry as painting strategy and the seeming paradox of growing down as the means of elevation.

Along the way I modeled some “druidy_derby_couture,” retrofitted one-time rejects, saw some succumb to the indefatigable patience of gravity, delighted to the fulfilled artistry coursing through our freshest observers and found gratification when, after long contemplation, the Pop Stoppages fell into place.

In terms of the “coming attraction” recent weeks have been consumed with preliminary sketches and preparatory studies for the painting that will become Joan Of Arc Riding My Little Pony. Currently there is paint on the canvas and, in short order, the first process video will join its brethren on YouTube.

All my best to those of you who’ve written, commented and viewed tinsquo with interest on this anniversary of its past four years. Thanks. As to the future I say: tell me something I don’t know, “yet”.

Posted by mark at December 17, 2007 11:08 AM

I think that the joan of arc riding my little pony bit could be prime for a bit of gray space in midtown. We are called the big apple because of horse races ya know.

You are such an inspiration!!!

Posted by: christina at January 9, 2008 10:34 AM