June 03, 2007

Show And Share '07

Today, Iím honored to introduce the estimable offerings of a group of newly emergent artists: a class of four and five year old pre-schoolers.

For the fourth year running, a wonderfully dedicated and inventive Scottsdale teacher has used a drawing of mine as the central exercise for a monthís worth of surprisingly sophisticated art projects and lessons. (For an expanded description of the teacherís lesson plans, see the projectís premiere post).

The students worked on these drawings for short, intense periods over several days. They took their time, refining their vision in the manner of creating a masterpiece.

During my recent stay in Arizona (while I painted Burro Train and Canyon Ascent), I had the great pleasure of visiting this class and presenting a painterís tools and practices to the students. In exploring their works, I realize that I love each and every piece entirely and uniquely.

This openness of heart is a tribute to the fulfilled artistry coursing through each of these fresh observers, not to mention the ideal state for perceiving art.

The teacher explained on the morning of my visit how, at the conclusion of the project, their drawings would be posted on the internet where anybody, ďeven the President of the United States,Ē could view them.

Thatís a happy notion: a President scheduling time for some inspiring beauty.

Posted by mark at June 3, 2007 02:23 AM

You are an inspiration, Mark and we love all of the beauty you add to our lives! Thank you for this latest entry and display of art.

Posted by: Kristy at June 3, 2007 05:23 PM