Comments: Willem de Kooning at 100

Good points all, Mark.
A tangent on the graffiti connection:
As much as I am often inspired by graffiti, one difference worth pointing out between DeKooning's practice and graffiti artists is that DeKooning's graphic marks are always open to change where it seems that no matter how great the tag is, once it is settled on, it hews to its iconic format as rigidly as the Coke logo. This may be a pernicious effect of the logo on the art of drawing in general.

The epic scope of the Style Wars era graffiti artists really has led to a kind of feedback loop where corporations aim to monopolize walls, buses, etc. usually without the vim. I would make an exception for the jam session on Houston and Broadway where jeans models' bodies are currently writhing in almost Acropolis marbles like psychosexual poses!

Posted by Steven at May 11, 2004 02:54 AM