February 21, 2015

The Tumbleweed Paintings: "frogwise_#38"

acrylic on magazine page, 11” x 14”
Posted by Mark Roth at 12:46 AM

February 17, 2015

Analog AR: "exposure"

collage, 14" x 10"
Posted by Mark Roth at 01:59 PM

February 12, 2015

Pop Stoppage Series: "rilling_#275"

Soda bottle labels and acrylic on paper, 11” x 17”
Posted by Mark Roth at 04:06 PM

February 06, 2015

The Tumbleweed Paintings: "slowly_#37"

acrylic on magazine page, 11” x 14”
Posted by Mark Roth at 12:04 PM

February 02, 2015

Wide Open Space at Adjacent To Life


Tinsquo's curatorial project, Adjacent To Life, presents Wide Open Space: Photographs by Joe Leonard.

Wide Open Space is a collection of photographs taken during Joe Leonard’s 2012 trip to Chile’s Patagonia Gulf of Corcovado region, while visiting the Melimoyu property. Joe feels that helping to preserve wilderness like this is very important for us all. You can find out about what the good people of SNP Patagonia SUR are doing to maintain this region’s diverse ecosystem by visiting patagoniasur.com.

Wide Open Space runs through March 6 at the Adjacent to Life pop-up gallery housed in Ninth Street Espresso (341 E. 10th Street at Ave B, NYC).

Posted by mark at 01:54 AM