March 28, 2006

"inverse yarmulke"


graphite on paper

Sometimes it seems as if deeper truths are everywhere poised for revelation, hiding in plain sight. Language is a frequent repository of accrued wisdom that transcends dictionary meaning.

The word “shame” is such an example.

Right there, for all to see, the word says, “sh” - as in hush, shush, be quiet, followed by “ame” which, with the addition of a circumflex over the “a,” is the French word for soul or spirit.

Shame is the shushing of the soul. It is the malady, not the antidote.

Today’s drawing is reflective of such thinking.

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March 25, 2006



graphite on paper
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March 22, 2006

"outlier on the range"


graphite on paper
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March 21, 2006

"joan of arc riding my little pony"


graphite on paper
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March 18, 2006

Active Canvas DV


The third stop-action video installment of the in-process canvas is currently available for viewing (QT 3.2 MB).

In this episode, the entire canvas gets the once-over (at least once), focussing the image further as the work moves toward its intended refinement.

The first installment tracks the painting from blank canvas to basic allocation of surface real estate. The second installment documents the underpainting in preparation for subsequent glazes.

Sometimes the process of painting is subtle and incremental. Sometimes it’s a series of tectonic upheavals. For a literal instance of such tectonic rearrangement, check out this article about the new ocean emerging on the horn of Africa at breakneck speed, geologically speaking.

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March 16, 2006



graphite on paper
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March 09, 2006



graphite on paper
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March 05, 2006

"rattle to radiance"


graphite on paper
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March 01, 2006

February's Acrylic Palettes


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