March 27, 2004



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March 25, 2004



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March 22, 2004

"factor eye"


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March 15, 2004



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March 14, 2004

"alternating current"


From who knows where, the phrase in today’s post ran through my mind. Reference to the dictionary for confirmation of spelling and further sleuthing found these definitions for synchronous: 1. occurring at the same time; coinciding in time; contemporaneous; simultaneous. 2. going on at the same rate and exactly together; recurring together. 3. (Physics, Elect.) having the same frequency and zero phase difference. Hmm...

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March 04, 2004

A Painter's Palette

Several of you have inquired about the March 1 entry, “February’s Palettes.”

As is usually the case in these matters, I don't know exactly the origin of this idea for the palettes’ inclusion. But it has been on my mind all the way back to the beginning of my pursuit to engage the internet as a medium. I’ve always liked to make lists and look at information in schematic formats i.e., graphs. "February's Palettes" satisfies that predilection, offering visual gratification that communicates statistical information.

Since the palette is usually hidden from view, only the artist gets to see the organic formations that develop there. A painter's palette is, however, a talisman - something whose presence exercises a remarkable or powerful influence on human feelings or actions. Tinsquo is dedicated to revealing the artistic practice as the art itself - hence it makes sense to include the palettes.

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March 03, 2004

"tacit approval"


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March 02, 2004



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March 01, 2004

February's Palettes


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