July 08, 2012

Plank-Lever Series

"When your back's up against the wall, it means everything's in front of you."

This line from my performance days aptly describes the contemplative underpinnings of the Plank-Lever Series.

Unique to this era, our species has delivered itself to a place where it is difficult, at times impossible, to envision a future in which we are participants. With the planet's imperiled viability in frightening focus, it can feel we are collectively walking the plank to a futureless doom.

Still, it remains true that the sun has not yet hit peak light and the heart is a resilient organ. With a shift in application, the extreme place at which we find ourselves - the end of the plank - becomes a lever, the privileged position from which to multiply force, offering maximum leverage to effect change.

The Plank–Lever Series is a painterly meditation on this unprecedented situation, one that runs contrary to our evolved expectations of constancy and continuity.

acrylic and/or contact paper on paper or magazine page, 11" x 17" or approx. 11” x 8”; arranged chronologically – most recent at top.
Posted by mark at July 8, 2012 09:07 PM