August 10, 2009

Process Post: Plank Lever Series

"When your back's up against the wall, it means everything's in front of you."

This line from my performance days aptly describes the contemplative underpinnings of the Plank Lever Series. With the planet's imperiled viability in frightening focus, it can feel we are collectively walking the plank to a futureless doom. Still, it is also true that the sun has not yet hit peak light and the heart is a resilient organ. With a shift in application, the extreme place at which we find ourselves - the end of the plank - becomes the privileged position offering maximum leverage to effect change. It's simple physics, a kind of opportunity by default.

acrylic and/or contact paper on paper or magazine page, 11" x 17" or approx. 11 x 8; arranged chronologically most recent at top.
Posted by mark at August 10, 2009 02:36 AM


I'm glad I took in the whole Plank Lever Series at once. Viewed in its entirety, you can't help feeling the anxiety you would at the edge of a 10 meter diving board... not really knowing what's in the pool below. This would make a good video with a taut Philip Glass score.

Posted by: John Tebeau at October 8, 2009 10:51 AM