September 07, 2005



graphite on paper

Today, I became a small gaggle. Fascinated by a team of painters adding final touches to the huge recreation of Alex Katz’s “Give Me Tomorrow” on B Bar’s garden wall, I’d stopped in my tracks.

Soon, five people joined me. It was pedestrian rubbernecking in the name of art. Eventually, an inquisitive fellow admirer asked one of the four painters “what was the hardest part?”

The answer came, “Climbing from the ladder to the lift,” and I thought: Apt, a painting is a field of unified attention. If the image is resolved then there isn’t going to be a hard part.

Plus, he got a laugh.

You can see it at E. 4th and Bowery. Billboards featuring the work of Gary Hume and Lisa Sanditz are also part of this project.

Posted by mark at September 7, 2005 10:49 PM