August 06, 2005

Process Post: Pack Mentality

For a recent two week stint, I was bestowed the honorific of "Top Dog," leading a pack of three rapturously doggy dogs. The above drawings were created while in the midst of these alternately swirling, dozing and nudging pups.

Speaking of dog days, I ran into a couple from Denver who had escaped the recent mile high heat wave of 105° fahrenheit. They said they found sweltering New York a relief! In the ongoing "debate" as to whether global warming is real, it got me thinking that we've entered a stage where the only remaining operative question is: Are we going to believe our own eyes?

The drawings are arranged in the order of their creation from first to last. Two previous posts are from the same body of work: "pop_galactic_lassie" would be fifth in the series and "pup pant" would be fourth from the last.

Posted by mark at August 6, 2005 08:15 PM