September 20, 2004



graphite on paper

R.I.P. On Saturday, legendary photojournalist Eddie Adams passed away. In a prolific career, he is most remembered for the famous 1968 photo capturing the precise moment a South Vietnamese Brigadier General fired a bullet into the head of a Vietcong prisoner from an arm's length away on a Saigon street. The image became an instant flash point and persists to this day as an icon of the brutality of the Vietnam War.

Roebling Hall recently had an exhibition of Moises Saman’s photographs. For an icon of our current conflict I’d nominate this image of his. Reading as a picture of transcendent ganglia, the photo suggests that the tendrils of connection that unite us in community can also be subverted into conduits of violence.

Posted by mark at September 20, 2004 04:14 PM